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Sacred Twins

English title: Sacred Twins

Japanese title: 夢幻戦姫セイクリッドツイン-対決!乳首イジリ怪人!!わたしクリ派なんですけど!?-


Comic has adult content. Viewer discretion is advised
Sacred Twins cover


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Page count: 21

Year published: .

Comic id: #1625

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Asakura Hina is just a normal girl during the day, but during nighttime, she transforms into an Oneiric Warrior, protecting sleeping people from sex fiends in their dreams. But in her latest encounter, she might have found her a match: Niptiis, a deviant fiend who only teases girls’ nipples and makes them addicted to nipple orgasms. A very specialized fiend, indeed. Will Hina be able to withstand the fiend’s vicious assault or will she get addicted to teasing her own nipples? Find out in this original doujin from Kleitos.
*All characters depicted in this work of fiction are adults, regardless of their visual representation or textual description, and are not based on any real person*


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