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Terms of Service


All content and materials purchased by you (the user) can only be used in the manner specified by the terms of use, regardless of the manner of acquisition. This includes but is not limited to: the use of the online reader and downloads to personal computer, mobile devices or any other device capable of storing or displaying content.

Refund Policy

All purchases on are payable in advance and final. Refunds are handled on case-by-case basis by our billing partners. Please consult our Contact Us page for a details on a method to request a refund.

Minimum purchase value

Credit cards can be used on for any purchase exceeding 2.95 Euro in value. Items with value lesser than 2.95€ can be combined using the cart system into a single purchase.

2D Market points shall keep track of loyalty points (referred to as "2D Market points" or "2DM points") for every registered user. These points can be obtained:

  • By directly purchasing a specific amout. This method may be disabled for specific users that have accumulated more than 1000 points.
  • As a part of an order.

These points can be used in following ways:

  • To exchange a number of points for an item on sale on The amount of points required shall equal the price of the item in Euro multipled by 100.
  • To exchange a number of points for a discount of an order made on, where offered. The discount in Euros shall be the number of points spent divided by 100. The discount offered may differ (or be absent altogether) between payment methods.

These actions may not be available for all items, may not be available in all occasions or may not be available at all times.

Digital only

All content and materials sold on are distributed in a digital form only. Upon a successful transaction the user will not receive any physical materials or goods.


All credit card transaction made on the website will be listed on bank statements with the following descriptor: “VTSUP.COM*DVODIMENZI VEROTEL NL”.

Date of Last Update.

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