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Name: Aoba Q Madou

Japanese name: 青葉Q魔洞

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Comment by:  Aoba Q Madou (Author)


Everyone, thank you for your support! I will keep trying my best. Thank you ^ ^

Comment by: 


Such amazing work, I adore the emotions you draw in your characters, and the love/affection all of them have towards one another. It's rare to find illustrations that capture the same innocent shyness that you do, and the orgasmic bliss they have with one another. Please keep up the great work!

Comment by: 


I love your work tremendously!
I'm glad you are able to sell outside of Japan and 2D market has handled your work very well.
I'll definitely continue to support anything they add of yours.

I love your Arpeggio books and I have them on DL site. I hope to be able to see those sold here some day as well.

Comment by: 


Aoba Q Madou is my favourite artist. Rami-chan is the cutest thing ever! >_<

Looking forward to seeing more Aoba Q Madou work translated! 2D Market is doing a fantastic job with the translations!

Keep up the good work, Aoba Q Madou and 2D Market!! (^_-)b

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Cute art! I have all of your books here.

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