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I love yuri books, but most lend to be extremely light on actual sex. Maruta delivers the goods here. This is part one of a seven part series. It stars Akira, gorgeous, fashionable girl plucked from Tokyo and flung into a rural setting as her father travels for work. She meets a bunch of cute, but unfashionable country girls, and is unimpressed by them. However, when she stumbles upon Miumi and Ririko in the old school building together, she is shocked -and, despite herself, aroused- by their antics. Turns out these country girls aren't as naive as she thought! Maybe Akira herself has a thing or two to learn, and new experiences to take in at her small, rural school!

Maruta's yuri books are heavy on sex, and in this series you can expect voyeurism, multiple partners, threesomes, and lavish depictions of breastplay, fingering, masturbation, cunnilingus (including facesitting), and tribadism, with just a small bit of of toy use. Strongly recommended to buy all seven installments!