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Lewd Flower Bloom

English title: Lewd Flower Bloom

Japanese title: 淫花爛漫 ~妖姿媚態の闇の忍、強制女体化~


Comic has adult content. Viewer discretion is advised
Lewd Flower Bloom cover


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Page count: 35

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Comic id: #180

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Schezo, a veteran ninja, infiltrates a rich family estate in order to steal their heirloom. However, it turns out that the heirloom is cursed and it turns him into a woman. The only way to undo the curse is to put her new body to use, have sex with the young family heir and bear him a child.

How will Schezo, now a big-breasted kunoichi, deal with this predicament?
*All characters depicted in this work of fiction are adults, regardless of their visual representation or textual description, and are not based on any real person*


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i love tg comics!!!

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