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Name: Muchakai

Japanese name: 夢茶会

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We're a circle producing doujins aimed primarily at male audience.
Our forte are books about dirty old men messing around with pretty girls.
Original stories, parodies, we're drawing them all!
Our debut was at Comitia 97, back in 2011.

You can directly support Muchakai on Pixiv's FANBOX service:
Mucha's FANBOX
...and also on Fantia:
Mucha's Fantia Campaign

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Great works, I hope to see more of their Precure doujins on here someday, but the selection they have on here is top notch.

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The best artist featured on this site at the time of this post.
His works feature girls getting fucked by fat old men predominately like the bio says and the girls go through moral degradation/corruption in the doujinshi. If that ain't your thing then I wouldn't buy any of his works but do reconsider for the art alone as it improves by a fair amount the further you progress in Development Diary.

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